Healthcare Reform

Healthcare Reform

Over the next several days I will take a look at what possible outcomes the new healthcare reform could have on Americans. To weigh out the positive and negative affects and explore what might happen If

The New Healthcare reform bill signed into Law on March 23, 2010 has come under much debate and no one has a clear understanding of exactly how it may or may not affect Americans.

The objective of the Bill was to make Healthcare accessible to all Americans, A reasonable and much needed goal. However, the Presidents position is that Healthcare is health insurance. I am not sure how he came up with that idea, but for the sake of this essay, let’s stick with it, since most Americans pay for their Healthcare needs with health insurance

The Healthcare landscape is very complicated and fragmented which is why no one to date has been able to come up with a solution to make it more affordable to Americans. For example, the landscape includes; Insurance companies, Pharmaceutical companies, Physicians, Hospitals, Equipment Manufactures, Researchers, Diagnostic Laboratories and let’s not forget the lawyers and the legal system, just to name a few.

To truly address the issue of rising cost we need to look at the landscape from a 360 degree view and see how addressing one part of the landscape will impact the other working parts.

To start lets look at why healthcare insurance is so expensive. Insurance companies have one source of revenue, Premiums. Their biggest expense item is claims. So if their claims go up, then their premiums must do so accordingly if they are to stay in business. So this begs the question, how do we control claims?   More on this tomorrow

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